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14 Days of Tips

Tips, Hints and Advice: As the LEJOG cycle ride is now in its first anniversary what better way to celebrate, but to share some Tips, Hints and Advice to help with planning Land's End to John O'Groats.

TIP1: If you have picked a start date then check Accommodation availability in John O'Groats first. There are less places stay in and leaving this until last could cause extra mileage or having to remap or reschedule.

TIP2: Use Google Street view to check parts or if you have time, all your Route for possible issues. We found several roads that were not feasible on the type of bikes we were riding on.

TIP3: You may already know all you need to know about the bike. If not, take a basic bike mechanic or maintenance course it could be a life saver. There are places throughout the UK that can offer help and assistance. We found the CTC and Evans Cycles good places to start.

TIP4: Spare parts! If it is wet spare brake blocks are a must. Take some in your initial Kit List and replenish your stock on route, but keep the receipt if in good condition on your return it might be feasible to get a refund, sell on eBay or just keep for future use. There are stories of chains snapping only after a mile, but this is likely to be an unserviced bike.

TIP5: When traveling to or from Lands End or John O'Groats, make use of a good reliable bike courier service. We used www.johnogroatsbiketransport.co.uk who are based in Inverness and their service was absolutely superb! See our recommendations for more LEJOG places we suggest.

TIP6: Start with brand new wheels, but go out for a few rides with varying loads to ride them in. We learnt the hard way and had all sorts of problems with one bike and its wheel (not naming names). Starting with wheels that are only a couple hundred miles used is certainly a must if riding unsupported.

TIP7: If riding unsupported then research bike shops on route and don't pray there's one round the next corner. You may spend the whole trip praying. Evans Cycles has good coverage, but if you plot your routes through towns you may find an independent bike shop. A good one that comes highly recommended is Bad Ass Bikes more details on our recommendations.

TIP8: Take kit for just a few days and then wash and dry on route. This keeps your overall bike weight down - always a good thing when riding unsupported. The YHA have great facilities at most of their places. When planning your accommodation check for what is available via the helpful icons.

TIP9: Replenish your Jelly Babies supply (or what ever treat) at every opportunity and bananas too! Keeping those treats within arms reach at a moments notice is a great boost. However, never start to feel hungry or get beyond this point - it is not good.


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